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Mahesh Babu unveils ‘Operation Gold Fish’ Teaser

Mahesh Babu unveils 'Operation Gold Fish' TeaserThe Teaser for ‘Operation Gold Fish’ was on Monday unveiled by Superstar Mahesh Babu, marking Maha Shivratri.  An event was held at Prasad Lab in Hyderabad to celebrate the occasion.  It was graced by the film’s cast and crew members.


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Speaking on the occasion, director Adivi Saikiran said, “Our film is a cross-genre entertainer.  It is a rom-com as well as an action flick.  It touches upon the eviction of Kashmiri Pandits (in the late 1980s) from Kashmir.  We have made this film on a never-before-attempted business model.  All the technicians and artists of the film are its producers.  When I went to Aadi Saikumar with the script, I was not sure if he would agree to do the role of NSG commando Arjun Pandit.  His role has got no songs and is only into action in the film.  However, he warmed up to the role as he felt it’s fresh.  Sai Kumar garu (Aadi’s father and senior actor) also felt that the script offers a big span.  It was great working with the heroines Sasha Chettri and Nithya Naresh, the male leads Karthik Raju and Parvatheesam.  Music director Sricharan Pakala started out with ‘KISS’ and has since gone on to work on films like ‘Kshanam’ and ‘PSV Garuda Vega’.  He is a specialist when it comes to RR.  As for action sequences, I myself was surprised on watching them.  All credit goes to stunt master Ramakrishna.  I thank Padmanabha Reddy garu for the finances.  Cinematographer Jayapal’s on-screen translation of my vision is wonderful.  It was great working with editor Garry who edited ‘Kshanam’ after learning the technique in just 2 weeks.  I thank every artist who has worked on the film.  It took me three months to impress upon Abburi Ravi garu to play the role of Ghaji Baba in the movie. I have been associated with Usha Pictures’ Eluru Suresh since the days of ‘Vinayakudu’.  He told me beforehand that ‘OGF’ will cost more than expected.”


Aadi Saikumar said, “Operation Gold Fish is such an interesting title.  I initially had my doubts about whether I can play the role of an NSG commando.  All along, I had played only lover boy’s roles.  Fitness is never an issue to me as I have always taken care to be fit.  But playing an intense role is something else.  It’s when my father felt that I will definitely fit the bill.  He himself has essayed patriotic cop roles in films such as ‘Police Story’.  Once my hair stylist Ram readied me, I was sure that I can do the role of the NSG commando.  We have made this honest film on the basis of real incidents.  The visuals are stunning.  The BGM can give you goosebumps.  It was great working with everyone.”


Abburi Ravi said, “I have played the role of Ghaji Baba in the film. The entire credit goes to the director.  He has changed his track with ‘OGF’ after making films like ‘Vinayakudu’, ‘Village Lo Vinayakudu’ and ‘Kerintha’.  When I listened to the story, I was speechless.  Saikiran may not have earned money after all these years of being in the industry but he has definitely earned people.  In writing the film, we have spoken to members of the Kashmiri society, PMO’s advisory members, and journalist Suresh Kochattil garu.  We have read Rahul Pandita’s book, and interacted with nine Kashmiri Pandit families in Hyderabad to directly know their pain.  Not the entire film is about Kashmiri Pandits.  But we did extensive research to represent their sensibilities in the film accurately.  I thank Rana Daggubati garu for releasing the First Look, Trivikram Srinivas for releasing my character’s look, and Mahesh Babu garu for releasing the teaser.”


Nithya Naresh said, “I would say that ‘OGF’ is a family entertainer as there is something for everyone.  It’s a rom-com, an actioner as well as a suspense thriller.  How they have been woven and meet at a point is the crux.  Since my daddy comes from a Navy background, this film will always be close to my heart.  It’s an inspiring film for sure.  The trend these days for military movies is to inspire patriotism in us.  I am glad to have teamed up with the director once again after my debut film ‘Kerintha’.  It was such fun working with everyone.  Sasha is a wonderful co-star.  I have loved the RR of this movie.  I thank the cinematographer for making us look so beautiful.  The character that I have played in ‘OGF’ is 75 percent like the real me.  She is bubbly, fun-loving and enthusiastic.”


Karthik Raju said, “This film happened pretty fast for me.  I have worked with many directors but have never come across a director like Adivi Saikiran garu.  He works relentlessly, even up to 22 hours a day, to give the best.  The four songs in the movie are simply amazing.  If this product has come out this well, it’s only because of the hard working direction department.”


Parvatheesam said, “The film has come out really well.  I have got to play a very good character in ‘OGF’ and I hope to play many more such characters in future as well.”


Sricharan Pakala said, “It has been a nice journey.  ‘OGF’ also has a love story.  There are four songs in the movie.  I thank the director for the opportunity.  The direction department has worked hard 24/7 to deliver the best.”


Fight master Ramakrishna said, “It was great working on the movie.  It is going to be a hit film for sure.”


One of the producers Padmanabha Reddy said, “It was always my dream to work in collaboration with people like these.  When I met Saikiran, it was like my dream coming true.  I have always liked the idea of a producer being a technician.  I got to be one for this movie.  I never had to ask questions of the director.”

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