Mahesh Babu’s 6 golden rules to fight corona crisis

Mahesh Babu's 6 golden rules to fight corona crisis
Mahesh Babu’s 6 golden rules to fight corona crisis

Corona virus looming large over India and it is extremely important phase we are facing. It is known that Narendra Modi has imposed lock down for 21 days i.e., up to April 14th, which means one should not step on the roads unless and until it is quite necessary.

Super Star Mahesh Babu who responds to the social troubles has wished every one a happy and home bound Ugadi. Then he listed out 6 golden rules given by the state and central governments to fight against the corona virus.

First and foremost important rule is not to step out of the house. One should go out when it is extremely necessary.

Second, is to wash your hands till elbow thoroughly from time to time for about 20 seconds.

Third in the list is Avoid touching your face especially your eyes, mouth and nose.

Fourth comes to use your elbow or tissue when you are sneezing or coughing.

Last but one point explains about the importance of social distancing. One should maintain minimum three meter distance when in house or outside to another person.

Last point is to wear masks if and only if you are feeling sick or have any symptoms. Consult your nearest doctor if there are any symptoms.

These rules will help us in finding out the light amid these dark times. Hope it comes soon.