Mahesh’s quality lock down time, a talking point

Mahesh's quality lock down time, a talking point
Mahesh’s quality lock down time, a talking point

Super Star Mahesh Babu is one of the most grounded to earth Super Stars we have in town. Mahesh Babu knows only two things – Cinema and family. Apart from acting, he allocates all his free time to his family. He adore him for his quality family time. Mahesh loves to go holidaying with his family in his free time. However these are some difficult situations we are facing now.

Every one is locked down and has to permit themselves to home. This is blessing in disguise for busy stars like Mahesh Babu. He has ample of time to spend with his kids and wife. The other day Namrata, posted a super cool pic of Mahesh Babu where he is uber cool. Mahesh was seen in pyjamas laughing out of his heart.

Everyone who knows Mahesh closely said about his humor and wittyness. Namrata captioned the picture she posted by saying how he brings smiles on the faces of his family members with his uplifting humor. This is certainly the other side of Mahesh Babu. We rarely see him in informal dress. Mahesh Babu fans are adoring this pic.

On the films side, Mahesh Babu will be next seen in Parasuram’s direction.

Credit: Twitter