Mahika Sharma: Actors are enjoying with Same S*x Partners

Mahika Sharma: Actors are enjoying with Same S*x Partners

Mahika Sharma said, many popular actors from the Indian entertainment industry are enjoying with same s*x partners.

Mahika Sharma has extended her support to the LGBT community and demanded to scrap of section 377 of the IPC that criminalises homosexuality.  According to her, Mumbai is ruled by homosexuals. The actress Mahika Sharma said, many actors and popular superstars from the Indian entertainment industry enjoy with same-s*x partners. Mahika Sharma added that these days, men are preferring same s*x more, which is not natural. Talking about same-s*x partners, Mahika Sharma said, “There is nothing wrong in it as long as it is with mutual consent.”

Number of Bollywood actresses like Esha Gupta, Onir, Priya Malik and Nakul Mehta have already tweeted in support of the LGBT community. Now the name of Mahika Sharma, has also been added in this list. Mahika Sharma said, “We are living in such type of  country where rapists, murderers are enjoying independence to the heights, but the innocent homosexual people are suffering. I have many friends who are gay, and they are the best creations of God. They have big hearts and they are even more creative in compare of us. We can make love with anyone we want to but that should be mutual from both parties.”

Mahika Sharma added that now days men are preferring unnatural s*x, which is why they find satisfaction with homosexual partners. She further said, we all knows that men prefer a*al more which is not natural and many ladies are not comfortable so they find their satisfaction with homosexual partner. Our Society will take some time to accept it.”

Mahika Sharma got popular as Miss Teen Northeast.  She was the first Indian contestant to be at top 10 among the pageant Miss Universal Peace and Humanity. She has been the part of several  Bollywood Movies and TV serials.

 In Bollywood, Mahika Sharma is popular for Mardaani starring Rani Mukerji.