Manoj Prabhakar apologizes for making fun on Mahesh Babu

Manoj Prabhakar apologizes for making fun on Mahesh Babu

Manoj Prabhakar, the Standup comedian from Kollywood  made sensational comments on Superstar Mahesh Babu. Manoj Prabhakar made fun on Mahesh Babu and said, “He is a terrible actor. If you watch his spy thriller drama Spyder, you can observe Mahesh Babu in a blank face while another actor SJ Surya impressed everyone with his wonderful performance.” Not only this, the comedian also made fun of Mahesh Babu’s hit films like Okkadu and Aagadu.

It is known news  that Mahesh Babu made his Kollywood debut with A R Murugadoss’s Spyder which was  disaster at the box office.

Manoj Prabhakar made joke on Mahesh Babu by displaying rocks on the screen. He said the rocks performed better than Mahesh Babu in the film. He also criticized Mahesh Babu’s  facial expressions and compared them with the expression of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. He reportedly commented that Mahesh Babu is the male version of Katrina Kaif.  His comments did not go well with the fans of Mahesh Babu and they fired on him.

Manoj Prabhakar has been targeted with vile comments and personal attacks across his social media profiles by Mahesh Babu’s fans.

Finally Manoj Prabhakar realized his mistake and  took to Facebook to apologised to everyone who was hurt by the video.

 Manoj Prabhakar  wrote on his Facebook:

Hello People,
I can see that there have been a lot of comments, posts, and messages being posted since yesterday across all my social media platforms, all of them with respect to one of the video that was uploaded some months back on our YouTube channel. This is happening for the second time. So I thought it is only fair to put up an explanation and close this forever.

The entire one hour video is a Mock award show and it clearly starts with a disclaimer. So the intention of the show was not to hurt anyone. In all honesty the entire show was written and performed for fun and we making fun of any said person in the video is definitely not going to bring down the status of that actor or any person mentioned in the video. Also that was never our intention.

I can see that particularly the audience of Telugu film industry have taken offence for a portion of the video where I speak about the movie SPYDER. I saw the TAMIL version of the movie and all my comments were with respect to that version and that version only. Whatever I have said about that movie in the video is completely my personal opinion and it was not meant to offend anyone. I have said that the lead character in the movie hasn’t performed well and that was my personal opinion. Me saying that actor did not perform well in the movie doesn’t mean that actor is bad at acting. It is clearly not going to have any impact, because it is completely my personal opinion. All my comments were only with respect to that one movie alone. So the intention was not to defame or hurt anyone’s sentiment here. If that’s how it got conveyed, then again, it was not intentional.

I have been receiving numerous messages targeting me and also my immediate family members and friends. That is totally unnecessary and uncalled for. I am the guy in the video and I am the one who said whatever I said in the video. So it will be great if you all can please restrict your threats and messages only to me. Anything good or bad you have to say, please direct them towards me and not to anyone else. Most of the comments and messages that I received state that ‘I am ugly’. I request you people to not waste time by calling me ugly, because I am completely aware of the fact that I am ugly. In my personal opinion, no one is beautiful, our ugliness is just delayed. So please wait for your day  🙂

Also I personally feel, this much hatred and negativity is totally uncalled for. We all have this habit of jumping quickly into a conclusion and start getting emotional and end up taking decisions with zero logic in it. I feel, here it could have been avoided if we had managed to have a proper conversation in the earlier stages itself. I could see lot of derogatory images being created for me. Please don’t waste your time by doing all those. I am totally not worth it. Going and disliking my other videos, commenting unnecessary things that are totally unrelated to the video are all not necessary. Because, we all have better things to do. So let’s concentrate on that, put our energies onto tasks like those and try to make ours and others lives as much better as we can.

I hope this clarifies everything. Please consider this post as my personal explanation, clarification and apology for whatever has happened. I will be very happy to provide further explanation if any of you need. In that case, my only request is, please let that be a one on one conversation. Because from my vantage point it is very difficult to address and reply all thousands of you. So it will be great if there is one representative from your side who is willing to have a proper polite conversation so that we can close this once and for all and move on with our lives.

And do not judge me based on this video alone. If I may request you all to go and watch my other works if possible. Hope they will make sense to you. If they too didn’t, then all I can say is that I will work harder to create better and meaningful content.

We all are humans, we all do make mistakes. And I am still learning  🙂

Manoj Prabakar

Hello People, I can see that there have been a lot of comments, posts, and messages being posted since yesterday across all my social media platforms, all of them with respect to one of the video…