Many twists: trust vote day declared!

hd kumaraswamy
hd kumaraswamy

After the lots of twists, the super-engaged high suspense political drama has almost come to an end on Friday. Yesterday, the governor has asked the current Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy to prove his government strength on the floor by 1:30 Pm today.

But, the trust vote was not gone up well on the line and this made to the governor to give the second letter to Kumaraswamy asking him to prove his strength by the end of the day today. The ruling coalition has defied the second deadline too.

This irked the BJP leaders and they started the raise the slogans resulting both parties to shout to each other. The house was later adjourned till Monday leaving no floor test happened.

But, before closing the session the governor has declared that the finality of proving the government strength will happen on Monday and it won’t be canceled or postponed at any circumstances. Kumaraswamy and his government have agreed to it.

There is a massive air of uncertainty in Karnataka politics due to the big bunch of resignations by rebel MLAs. Under the tight grip and round the clock security, the resigned rebel MLA’s were residing in Renaissance hotel, Mumbai.

Though the congress tried to pacify the left, there was no big result found. It is going to be a nerve-wracking tension on Monday as to how the Kumaraswamy is going to tackle this situation. the situation between both the parties would aggressive.