Mixed review for Nishabdham on Twitter

Mixed review for Nishabdham on Twitter
Mixed review for Nishabdham on Twitter

Anushka Shetty, R Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju and Srinivas Avasarala starrer  Nishabdham is streaming on Amazon Prime video. The movie Nishabdham is receiving mixed response by the movie lovers. While some lauded the screenplay, whereas according to few that the film did not meet with their expectations.  Netizens shared their review on Nishabdham on Twitter, which are as follows:

Sagar Prabhas: #Nishabdham successfully made me sleep Sry to say ROD

Pruthvi: #HemantMadhukar’ #Nishabdham is a train wreck from word go. Laughable direction, bad editing, poor writing, and pathetic casting with lazy performances. Just skip this one. By the way, this one star is for Maddy.

Christopher Kanagaraj @Chrissuccess: #Nishabdham – AMAZON PRIME. Too artificial in terms of perf  and presentation. Not sure y madhavan opted for this cameo. Foreign actors r pathetic. Bad writing. Silly investigation & romance scenes. Zero emotional connect. Nothing interesting-Big Yawn. WORST!

 Thunder God: #Nishabdham = Manmadha Worst ! Worst !! @PrimeVideoIN again you are fooled #NishabdhamOnPrime

Lets Global: #Nishabdham review: Skip it right away and find something better to watch. We are going with one star.

MB: #Nishabdham – Film Flats for its Lacklustre Screenplay, Terrible Writing and Dull narration. This Movie offers nothing new except for #Shaneil’s DOP and #Girish’s BG Score at here n there moments. Watch it if u just want to kill 2 Hours of ur own time

Anushka fans: #Nishabdham – The film. Marks the entry of ladysuperstar #AnushkaShetty after 3 years! It’s a treat to every Anushka fan, since the queen once again proved her acting skills! She carries the entire film! Stunning looks of anushka leaves us mesmerizing! Give it a watch.