Navaratri: Bajrang Dal aks Dandiya organisers keep “Non-Hindu” Out!

Navaratri Bajrang Dal aks Dandiya organisers keep Non-Hindu Out!
Navaratri Bajrang Dal aks Dandiya organisers keep Non-Hindu Out!

Bajrang Dal group wrote a letter to the event organizers of Gabra and Dandiya workers not to allow the Non-Hindu into the event and asked the organizers to make Aadhaar card as the mandatory document to take part in the event as part of the Navaratri festival. The group claimed that from the past couple of years many Non-Hindu youths entering such events and misbehaving with women there. Few youths even turned to manhandle the others too, that came to rescue the victims.

The group was further written in their open letter as “said miscreants used these events as places to trap innocent girls and thus leading to love-jihad cases”. Dal also asked the organizers of the event not to even employee any non-Hindu bouncers too here.

The letter further read, “Teams of Bajrang Dal ‘karyakarta will be present at the venues and if any such case is reported, immediate action would be taken to stop the miscreants from entering, which might lead to the disruption of the whole event”.

As soon as the news of the Hindu and Non-Hindu at the events came out, netizens started trolling and the Dal received severe flak and criticism for differentiating people even at the events calling it as the part of BJP‘s strategy. Few even commented on their mind saying, these are the groups which are filling venom in public minds with their discriminatory behavior.