Never expected it from Ram Gopal Varma

The controversial film Maker Ram Gopal Varma is back. After delivering Lakshmi’s NTR, now he is coming up with another biopic. Ram Gopal Varma has announced his upcoming project i.e a biopic on Chief Minister K Chandtrashekar Rao, popularly known as KCR. RGV has titled the project as ‘Tiger KCR’. Aggressive Gandhi is the tagline for this film.

Ram Gopal Varma himself has confirmed this news via his tweets, “It is a biopic of @KTRTRS ‘s father from the time he couldn’t bear the 3rd class treatment being given to Telangana people by the Andhras, and how he fought in a fiery way to achieve Telangana state.”

“KCR and YSR are the only politicians to successfully groom their children to be worthy of them,unlike the politician in the neighbouring state of Telangana …Only the greatest of political leaders can create a biological and ideological legacy”

“For those who are having a problem with the word ఆడు in the tag line , it’s meant in the perspective of those who looked down upon KCR before he achieved what he did.. Am sure both KCR and @KTRTRS will understand the depth in that line.”

A netizen named Ajay wrote on Twitter about Tiger KCR poster, “Never expected that a poster itself can cause adrenaline rush. Hats off Sir”

Tiger KCR will cover all the important life events of KCR, right from his childhood to his foray into politics and spearheading the separate Telangana agitation to eventually becoming the first Chief Minister of Telangana.

It is known yet known that RGV has obtained the necessary permission from KCR or his family members to go ahead with the biopic, or not. The cast and crew are yet to be finalised.

On the other-side, recently Ram Gopal Varma made official announcement about his project Cobra. Apart from helming Cobra, RGV will also act in this film.

Earlier Ram Gopal Varma also made announcement that he is working on the biopic of Sasikala, a close aide of J Jayalalithaa.