Nisha Sarang accuses director Unnikrishnan of harassment

 Nisha Sarang accuses director Unnikrishnan of harassmentNisha Sarang, Malayalam actress who plays important role in the TV serial Uppum Mulakum, has  alleged that director R. Unnikrishnan harrashed her several times.

The most viewed Malayalam television show, Uppum Mulakum is currently in the news headlines for all the wrong reasons. The actress Nisha Sarang has alleged that the director of ‘Uppum Mulakum’ harrashed her several times. The reports further state that when the actress Nisha Sarang complained about the issue to the channel authorities, the director of Uppum Mulakum, R. Unnikrishnan treated her with vengeance.

Nisha Sarang has claimed that she was pulled out of the show for raising her voice against the harassment. She said, the director R. Unnikrishnan used to pass lewd comments on her and he also send vulgar and sexually suggestive messages to her. Not only this, the direction also misbehaved to her on the sets.

 Nisha Sarang further said, “I understood the true colour of the director R. Unnikrishnan one week after the show was started. Initially i ignored his vulgar messages but the director did not stop to send such type of messages. I don’t want to expose him in front of everyone as I feared that I would be thrown out of the show. Earlier when i complained to the channel authorities about this, they warned the director but soon I was told that I was no longer part of this TV serial.”

However, the director R. Unnikrishnan denies the allegations and said that she has not been removed from the TV Serial.  Recently in an interview, Nisha Sarang said, “Everyone on the sets is witness to  director Unnikrishnan giving me the nod to take off from work. Now, if I return to the sets, he will continue to harass me, even more, brutal than before.” The viewers are demanding justice for the actress Nisha Sarang on social media.