Now, demands on Chiru’s scrapped film

Now, demands on Chiru's scrapped film
Now, demands on Chiru’s scrapped film

Nandamuri Balakrishna is releasing the footage of the scrapped movie Nartanashala. in 2004, Balakrishna in his direction has decided to make Nartanashala. The movie’s shooting has continued for about 5 days and then it had to be stopped. Soundarya’s untimely demise has forced the movie to be scrapped completely.

After all these years, Balakrishna has decided to release the footage of the completed portions. “We have filled up few portions and it will be interested to see as NTR will be seen in the footage as well. Audience will be thrilled to see. Depending on the response for this video, I might complete Narthanashala this time,” Balayya has responded.

While this is one side, Chiranjeevi fans are now demanding to release the scrapped movie of Mega Star. It is known that a film with the title Abu – Bagdhad Gaja Donga has started and completed some portions. However, with reasons unknown that film has been stopped.

Will the release of the finished portions after all these years, possible? Well we have to wait and see.