Pakistan PM provokes other countries on India’s nuclear policy

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

As it is known fact that Pakistan is so desperate in proving India’s decision as wrong, on scrapping off of special privileges on the Jammu Kashmir. As the recent development, Pak PM Imran Khan has now got the string to pull India and prove it wrong in front of the world counties. Recently India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has made a statement saying there would be a possible change on India’s decision on not using nuclear weapons first, in proportionate to the future circumstances.

On to this, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has responded saying, the world must seriously consider the safety and security of India’s nuclear array under the control of India’s PM Narendra Modi government. Imran Khan expressed his feelings in the tweet as, “The world must also seriously consider the safety & security of India’s nuclear arsenal in the control of the fascist, racist Hindu Supremacist Modi Govt. This is an issue that impacts not just the region but the world”.

However, it has to wait and see as how Modi or his government will react to the Pak PM comment.

Credit: Twitter