Pavitra Lokesh Strong Comments on Casting Couch

Pavitra Lokesh Strong Comments on Casting CouchPavitra Lokesh, who is popular for playing supporting roles in Telugu and Kannada movies, talked about casting couch in her recent interview.

 Recently Pavitra Lokesh attended an interview and opened up about casting couch. Pavitra Lokesh said, “The Casting couch exists in the film Industry. It is a very sensitive issue.  I want to tell about this.  Number of actresses had a casting couch experience in the beginning of their career in the film industry. The casting couch is a huge problem in film industry.” Pavitra Lokesh added, “ Not only the film industry, in other industries like software field, the people are taking advantage of different s*x. Male takes the advantage of female and female takes the advantage of male. It’s natural. But If you will say no, then the person is not allowed. So you have to see what is your priority. If you say yes! Why are you going to do this? Are you doing it for any purpose or for just fun? If you are taking  advantage of this particular thing you are also getting some advantages. If you don’t want to do this. Stop It.  If you need much money to survive, there are also various things to do.”

Pavitra Lokesh added, “If u want to do it..but there is always chance to leave it. So u don’t have right to question that.”

Pavitra Lokesh gave an example and said, “If a person ask you for a watch, You have rights to decide whether to give or not. Do he really need it or just liked it? it’s up to you to decide, whether to give or not. In the same manner,  If two people  in film industry are agree to do this. We can’t say it is abuse.  Because she is not a small girl.  Now days 4-5 years old girls are being raped and no one is talking about this. Nobody is questioning it. Nobody asks to punish the person who raped the child. In casting couch, you cannot say that you were raped, because you did it for your advantage. So you cannot blame anyone. If two people, man and woman are involved in this , it is up to you to say yes or no. You can always say no, You can always reject it. Instead of anchoring and acting, you can do other job. If you feel that acting and anchoring is not good for you, you can leave the work.  In film Industry,  the actresses are not kids, they are 18+.”   Pavitra Lokesh further said, “Now days the girls who are joining the film industry, are well educated and belong to good family, they are not joining film industry for the purpose of earning money. They are very sharp and know that what they are doing. “

  In Tollywood Pavitra Lokesh is popular for several movies such as Shakti, Jai Lava Kusa, S/o Sathyamurthy, Dictator and others.

 Pavitra Lokesh will be next seen in upcoming movies Saakshyam, Pantham  and Tej I Love You.