Pawan Kalyan expresses serious grief over TSRTC Srinivas Reddy’s death

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan

On the political front, Pawan Kalyan has expressed his grief over the death of RTC staff Srinivas Reddy who has immolated himself towards the ongoing TSRTC strike. Jana Sena founder requested the Telangana CM KCR to have talks with TSRTC unions and resolve the issue at the earliest.

On getting to the details, there is an ongoing protest from several days, between the TSRTC and Telangana government over several demands. But, the KCR government has turned down the meeting RTC unions and sacked a whopping number of employees who failed to get back their duties before the given deadline.

Due to this aggressive RTC unions got support from opposition parties, student unions, and other employee unions to spark strike and Raasta Roko’s but the Telangana government didn’t turn back to take sacked employees and to hear their demands.

Due to this, Khammam depot TSRTC employee, Srinivas Reddy had burnt himself outside his house and dead for the demands of  48,000 employees. Due to this tragic incident, melted Pawan and opposition parties are coming out and expressed serious grief over the death.