Pawan Kalyan fans fire on Sri Reddy

Pawan Kalyan fans fire on Sri Reddy Telugu actress Sri Reddy shocked everyone by hurling abusive word against Jana Sena  President and actor Pawan Kalyan.

Recently  Pawan Kalyan suggested Sri Reddy to approach Police and Courts for the justice instead of debating on news channels.  She welcomed his statement first. Within hours she started abusing Pawan Kalyan. She also showed the middle finger to him and used abusive words without any provocation.

 Speaking to the media yesterday, Sri Reddy said that she was being trolled by  Pawan Kalyan fans. Sri Reddy also spoke about  Pawan Kalyan and his marriage to three women and questioned his values about woman.  The actress also said that she regrets the decision of calling Pawan Kalyan ‘Anna’ and slapped herself on camera with her own footwear.

Then Sri Reddy used the cuss word against Pawan Kalyan which has now irked the fans of Pawan Kalyan. Hell broke lose on the internet and fans of the actor are now vowing to destroy the career of Sri Reddy and are abusing the actress.

Pawan Kalyan fans say Sri Reddy is playing game according to the sketch by her masters. Deeply hurt by her cuss words, Pawan Kalyan fans want to fight with her legally.

Many people opine that, initially, they wanted to support Sri Reddy in her protest but after her abusive language against Pawan Kalyan, she has lost all the respect and support she had gained so far.