Pawan Kalyan goes emotional because of his fans!

Pawan Kalyan goes emotional because of his fans
Pawan Kalyan goes emotional because of his fans

Recently, the actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan has recently celebrated his 48th birthday on September 2nd. On the occasion of their favorite leader birthday, fans have decided to donate the fund of a whopping Rs 100 Crore for the Pawan led Jana Sena party. Though his fans don’t reach the threshold, however, they left Pawan Kalyan moved by their deeds.

Like a storm, Pawan fans shattered Twitter by crossing more than 1 Cr tweets (a worldwide trend) to wish their favorite man. On the donation note, Pawan Kalyan’s party received a good number of Rs 3 Crore as a donation and the Jana Sena chief went of thanking each and every person who has contributed to the donation.

Pawan Kalyan emotionally said: “On my birthday, close to 33,000 people donated around Rs 3 Crore party fund. Each one might have given Rs 10 or 100 or 1000 or one lakh, but it is highly valuable and I will consider it as thousands of Crores”.

He further added, “This tells our strength and it did not just come from the movies. So, let’s take inspiration from it and continue to work for the people.” His thought of making the cashless politics is really the hardest to achieve but his zeal towards it might make him achieve. Let’s wait and see.