Pawan Kalyan in trouble for drunkards remark

Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan

A case has been filed against the Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan at the Jubilee Hills police station. According to the latest update, Pro-statehood activists has filed case against Pawan Klayan alleging that he has said that Telangana agitation was taken up by the drunkards. They also protested in front of Pawan Kalyan’ house in Banjara Hills and his office in Jubliee Hills.

Pro-statehood activists said that Pawan Kalyan’ ‘drunkards’ remark was derogatory which has hurt the feeling of activists who fought for a separate state. Earlier Pawan Kalyan has said, “Once they banned liquor the agitation was over.”

The activists were protesting against the comments of Pawan Kalyan against Telangana agitation and sacrifices made by Telangana people for a separate State. They demanded an apology for hurting sentiments of people of Telangana.

On the otherside, Pawan Kalyan underlined the need to maintain the decorum of Legislative Assembly which enacts laws for the people of state. He interacted with media at the airport on Sunday, and said people were watching the proceedings of Assembly and they can access the behaviour of the members.

He added, “It is the duty of YSRCongress Party and Telugu Desam Party to run the House in an amicable manner and use the time judiciously.: he further said, “Jana Sena party wants clean politics with ethics and values.