Poonam Kaur: I m leaving u

Poonam Kaur: I m leaving uPoonam Kaur, who recently shared her views about the Tollywood S*x racket and later she fired on a website, writing mudslinging gossips on  Telugu stars, quit the social media world on Saturday. She wrote on her Twitter, “On this #SocialMediaDay2018 …. I m leaving u … as it’s creating only confusions to something extremely deep within me ….vulnerability makes only one beautiful when it’s understood … not when mis judged n taken for granted … I don’t know when I will b back …. god bless.”

 Few days ago Poonam Kaur targeted a star hero and a top director for ruining her career. And when a website published an article about Poonam Kaur that  the actress tried to get close to a star hero and the director has prevented that from happening.  Poonam Kaur took to her social media site to blast the website. She wrote on her twitter, “Hey http://Xxxxxxxa.com  …. hello … I know ur paid by the director media head to write everything he wants to express…. I never went asking for anything to this evil man …. u guys need to shut up n stop putting women down to glorify such evil a*shol** … guru my foot. I will not let him write him script of my life … let him lick some ministers n actors foot …. he has written very great article about me spread it in a community before hearing my interview … I held on to my dignity … stop encouraging Harvey Weinsteins n their whoever … U fans need to know he the main reason for some ones agnyathavaasam …. don’t even try this with me mr.director …. suck onto your NRIs who give u great jobs n have zero talent ….

On the workside,  Poonam Kaur also marked her debut in Bollywood as well. She played a vital role in 3 Dev movie. in Tollywood, Poonam Kaur was last seen in Nayaki starring Trisha.