Prabhas is entering into 40’s! When is his marriage?

Prabhas is entering into 40's! When is his marriagePrabhas is entering into 40’s. He looks in no mood to give away his ‘Tollywood’s eternal bachelor’ status. It is no wonder that no interview with Prabhas is ever complete without someone asking him a question about when he is planning to settle down. When is his marriage? On 23rd October, Prabhas is going to celebrate his birthday and he will enter into 40. Everyone is curious to know, when and with whom Young Rebel Star Prabhas will tie the knot? Almost in every press conference and interviews, Prabhas has been hounded with questions about his marriage.

Being one of the most wanted actors in Telugu Film Industry, his never ending bachelorhood has been making headlines for a long time now.

Ever since the phenomenal success of the SS Rajamouli’s directorial venture- the periodic drama, Baahubali, everyone is in awe of the sizzling chemistry between the protagonists of the film, Amarendra Baahubali and Devsena  aka Prabhas and Anushka Shetty respectively.  But both the stars Prabhas and Anushka Shetty have denied the rumour of their wedding.

 On the otherside, Prabhas said, he  gets irritated when probed about his marriage again and again. On several occasions, he has already said, “It’s my personal matter and I don’t to reveal much about my personal life. It’s my marriage, my problem. What do people have to do with my marriage? What do people have to do with my marriage? “

Prabhas hails from a conservative family who does not believe in love marriages. The sources say that Prabhas’ family won’t allow his love marriage and he will never go against his father and uncle Krishnam Raj’s will. He will have an arranged marriage.” But now his fans want to know, When will Prabhas get married?

 Recently in an interview,  Krishnam Raju said that whenever he asks Prabhas about his wedding he tries to divert the topic.