Prati Roju Pandage Movie Review

Prati Roju Pandage Movie Review
Prati Roju Pandage Movie Review

Movie Review: Prati Roju Pandage
Director: Maruthi Dasari
Producer: Bunny Vasu, Allu Aravind
Banner: UV Creations, GA2 Creations
Music: S Thaman
Starring: Sai Dharam Tej, Sathyaraj, Raashi Khanna
Release Date: 20th December 2019
Rating: 3/5

Prati Roju Pandage Review: Prati Roju Pandage, the comedy and family entertainer movie starring Sai Dharam Tej, Raashi Khanna, Sathyaraj, is one of the most awaited movie of Telugu Film Industry. The movie has hit the theaters today on 20th December. The movie also has Vijay Kumar, Rao Ramesh, Bharath Reddy, Praveen, Murali Sharma, Ajay, Satya Srinivas, Subhash, Gayatri Bhargavi, Hariteja, Mahesh Achanta, Srikanth Iyengar, Satyam Rajesh, and Suhas and others in the supporting roles.

Story: Raghuramayya (Sathyaraj )’s children and grandchildren live in the USA, Australia. Rao Ramesh’s father (Sai Dharam Tej’s grandfather) is diagnosed with lung cancer. Grandson Sai Tej wants to fulfill all his grandfather’s wishes before he dies while his children are busy with their jobs. The rest of the story of how Sai Tej makes his grandfather happy.

Plus Points:
· Rao Ramesh
· Raashi Khanna
· Sai Dharam Tej’ shirtless fight
· Comedy
· Message

Minus Points:
· Few scenes in the second half
· Forced emotions

Performance: Rao Ramesh carried the film Prati Roju Pandage on his shoulders. After Rao Ramesh, other characterizations worked well are Sathyaraj and Raashi Khanna. Sai Dharam Tej delivers his fantastic performance. He carries his role with ease in an energetic way. Sai Dharam Tej’s shirtless fight is highlighted. Raashi Khanna who is playing TikTok celebrity Angel Aarna looks cute on the screen. The rest of the cast justifies their roles.

Technical: All the songs composed by SS Thaman are good and the background score elevates the scenes. The Cinematography work is highlighted and the colorful frames are the main asset. Production Values of GA2 Creations are rich. Action sequences and dances are choreographed well. The storyline of the movie is simple but interesting. The first half of Prati Roju Pandage is as predictable but the comedy has its moments. Editing is ok. The entire family is seen doing comedy when Satya Raj is on the death bed. There is ample scope to generate heart touching moments, but Maruthi Dsari missed it.

Analysis: Prati Roju Pandage is a family entertainer drama. The first half runs in a hilarious way and the second half starts with the excitement but disappoints the audiences as the movie turns farcical sentiment scenes, preachy until the end.