Prernaa Arora used to call me for massages in night

Prernaa Arora used to call me for massages in night
Prernaa Arora Masseuse

Prernaa Arora Masseuse: Prernaa Arora, a producer who has some recent biggies such as Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Rustom, Pari and PadMan to her credit, has found herself in a controversy.  According to the latest update,  a non-cognisable complaint has been filed against Producer Prernaa Arora for allegedly assaulting and abusing her masseuse named Khairun Mukthar Ahmed.

 The Meghwadi Police said, Khairun Mukthar Ahmed, a 60-year-old masseuse who resides in Santacruz had been offering her services to producer Prernaa Arora for 10 years now.  Khairun Mukthar Ahmed claimed that Prernaa Aroraowed her the payment for last 5 months.”

Khairun Mukthar Ahmed said, “Prernaa Arora used to call me for massages in the night.  I was suffering from financial problem, First to play for my husband’s cancer treatment and after his death,  to pay off the loans. Prernaa Arora promised me to give Rs 75,000 per month for massages between midnight and 8 am. But when I asked my payment, she told me that she (Prerna Arora) was not going anywhere. Later, she issued a cheque for Rs 1.25 lakh (Prernaa Arora owed her Rs 3.75 lakh), which was bounced  because of insufficient funds.”

Khairun Mukthar Ahmed added, “I paid on my own to travel in auto rickshaws from Santacruz to Madam Prernaa Arora s house in Jogeshwar.  On 9th June,  when I again asked to Prernaa Arora about my payment. She started argument and also beat me, she shut the door on my face.”

 On the other-side, when a police official said that Prernaa Arora would be called for questioning soon. The producer Prernaa Arora claimed that Khairun Mukthar Ahmed tried to steal Rs 56,000 from her house, and she was caught by her bodyguards.

When Prernaa Arora was asked about Khairun Mukthar Ahmed’s payment, she said, “it’s very small amount and she will pay it soon.”