Priyanka Gandhi urges: How long is this going to continue?

priyanaka gandhi
priyanaka gandhi

Congress isn’t taking any backstep in hitting the Modi’s government on the decision of abrogating the special provisions of Jammu and Kashmir.

As we had reported that opposition leaders and Rahul Gandhi were on a visit to J & K for checking the status over there but due to security denial in allowing them in visiting the place at Srinagar airport, Rahul and other leaders have to return to the capital with no chance left.

On to this Priyanka Gandhi has taken her feelings to express to Twitter attaching a video in which a woman of Srinagar saying to Rahul about the problems that were being faced over there. Priyanka Gandhi tweeted saying, “How long is this going to continue? This is one out of millions of people who are being silenced and crushed in the name of ‘Nationalism’.

“For those who accuse the opposition of ‘politicizing’ this issue: There is nothing more ‘political’ and ‘anti-national’ than the shutting down of all democratic rights that is taking place in Kashmir. It is the duty of every one of us to raise our voices against it, we will not stop doing so,” she further added.