Priyanka Jawalkar : I need alcohol for Taxiwaala

Priyanka Jawalkar : I need alcohol for Taxiwaala

Priyanka Jawalkar and Vijay Devarakonda are currently busy in the promotional activities of their upcoming movie Taxiwaala, which is arriving at  the theaters on 17th November. Recently during the media interaction, Priyanka Jawalkar revealed that during the shoot of Taxiwaala, she needed alcohol and she consumed vodka daily.

The actress also opened up about her acting career. Priyanka Jawalkar said, “I developed interest in acting when I saw Jeans. I was very excited after watching Asihwarya Rai on big screen. I went to my mom and asked her what I should be studying to become like her. I was around 6 years old, she was so smart she said that I should be a topper. I took my mother suggestion seriously and worked hard.”

According to Priyanka Jawalkar, she was approached for roles in the movies after she had uploaded a few of her pics on social media.  She also sent her photos to Geetha Arts and they told her it would help if she continues auditioning.

 Priyanka Jawalkar added,  “For Taxiwaala, I auditioned for 3 months. It took a long time because there were too many people auditioning.” She further said that there was a scene in Taxiwaala where she should behave like a drunkard. So  every night her assistant used to give her vodka mixed in fruit juice. According to her, she consumed alcohol daily to give her best shots for few scenes of Taxiwaala.

Priyanka Jawalkar  also opened up about the actor and director. She said, “Vijay Deverakonda and Rahul were encouraging, they helped me in overcoming my inhibitions. Vijay Devarakonda helped me with my expressions. “

When Priyanka Jawalkar  was asked about her next upcoming film, she said, “Not yet.If this film does well, chances are I might get a better story. “

Priyanka Jawalkar will be seen playing the love interest of Vijay Devarakonda.