Radhika Apte: He kissed me in my dreams

Radhika Apte: He kissed me in my dreams

The bold and beautiful actress Radhika Apte  is known for her unconventional choices when it comes to choosing a role. She has revealed the childhood fantasy she used to have as an 8 years old. Part of a campaign to encourage women to talk about their fantasies, Radhika Apte has said in a video, “When i was an 8 years old,  I used to watch lot of movies with my house-help. I would watch heroines stranded in the rain or the wind with their saree’s pallu falling off just when the hero would arrive in the scene.”

Radhika Apte further said, “There was a boy in my school I liked and I used to fantasize that I am caught in rain, wearing a sari. My pallu would fall off and then this boy would come. Of course he never kissed me, but I used to dream and he kissed me in my dreams.  I would go to bed early to fantasise about him.” She added,  “Even till now, I have never kissed anyone in rain. That just remained as my fantasy.”

Radhika Apte has lent her support to an initiative called ‘Oh My Hrithik’ which talks about the guilt and  the shame associated with female s*xual fantasy.

On the work-side, Radhika Apte has number of movies in pipeline including The Wedding Guest, a British-American film with Dev Patel which has released in America and is due to release elsewhere. Radhika Apte has also teamed up with Nawazuddin Siddiqui for her upcoming film Raat Akeli Hai, which will be helmed by Honey Trehan.

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