Radhika Apte: South director invited me at cheap hotel

Radhika Apte: South director invited me at cheap hotel

Radhika Apte, who is well known face for Telugu, Tamil and Hindi audience,  opened up about sexual harassment. The actress shared her weird audition experience for a South Indian film where the director had invited her at a cheap hotel and wanted to see her in different poses.

Earlier in an interview, Radhika Apte has already said that not just women, men also go through sexual abuse in the film industry. She said it is a sensitive topic and more transparency is needed to curb the sexual misconduct.

On Neha Dhupia’s celebrity chat show #NoFilterNeha – Season 3, Radhika Apte said, “I don’t remember the name of the South director because it was just an audition of a movie that never happened.” She added, “When I came back from London, someone told me that they wanted to make a movie with me. And they called me down south and said we will give you a hotel, you come here for one day, the director wants to audition you.  When I came, I was shocked because  the hotel was very cheap.  I told them that I need to go back tonight, I can’t stay here. Then the director came and said to me that he  ‘want to see me in different poses’.”

 Radhika Apte further said, “ Few men with cameras also came to the room and started to click pics. I couldn’t understand what was happening there. Few people said to me that they wants to get my measurements with masterji and again some 12 people came in and took my pics in little blouse because it was the period costume.”

Earlier too, Radhika Apte had spoken about her casting couch moment when she was asked to sleep with the person if she wants to work in the movie.

Few months ago, Radhika Apte had revealed another incident where a South actor tickled her feet without her consent on the first day during the shoot of a movie.