Rahul Gandhi found watching a movie in the theatre!

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

There’s been a lot of buzz inside and outside the Congress party on Rahul Gandhi’s resigning from his position as Congress president. We also reported that many senior politicians have also gone on to step out from their positions in support to their favorite leader Rahul Gandhi.

From the latest update, we hear that Rahul Gandhi has been spotted enjoying a film in the theatre, New Delhi. On digging into the details, Rahul was found in a multiplex in New Delhi and has surprised the commoners.

He was seen tasting popcorn and watching Ayushmann Khurrana‘s ‘Article 15’ film. Upon this, the people who sat in the above row has shot video of Rahul and posted on social media which went out to be viral.

People shared their views, some praised Rahul for his simplicity and while few criticized him as he’s keeping himself busy in watching films as he left nothing to do now.

On the other side, the Congress party is having a headache in choosing the right person to lead party and Rahul is stubborn enough to turn back to his position.