Rahul Gandhi slams on Farooq Abdullah’s detention

Rahul Gandhi slams on  Farooq Abdullah’s detention
Rahul Gandhi slams on Farooq Abdullah’s detention

All this was started with the abrogation of Article 370 and 35(A) and now the situation has reached the detention of J & K CM Farooq Abdullah. Upon the detaining of former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah under the Public Safety Act(PSA), there floated a huge wave of opposition that sounded from outside and inside the political parties of India.

In the latest move, Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi has strongly responded saying the government is making its extreme efforts to “remove nationalist leaders like Farooq Abdullah” to create a political vacuum so that it can be filled by terrorists, Rahul Gandhi took his feelings to Twitter as, “It’s obvious that the Government is trying to remove nationalist leaders like Farooq Abdullah Ji to create a political vacuum in Jammu and Kashmir that will be filled by terrorists.

Kashmir can then permanently be used as a political instrument to polarise the rest of India,” tweeted the Congress leader.

Apart from Rahul Gandhi, on the detention of Farooq Abdullah, many other politicians have extended their anger on posing former Jammu and Kashmir CM with Public Safety Act which enables the government to detain any individual for up to two years without trial and it was known that this law has been enabled for terrorists, separatists and stone-throwers in Jammu and Kashmir. Reports have also revealed that Farooq’s home in Srinagar will be designated as a “jail” for his detention.