Rahul Gandhi welcomes Bandla Ganesh into Congress

Rahul Gandhi welcomes Bandla Ganesh into CongressRahul Gandhi welcomed both Bandla Ganesh and Bhupathi Reddy from Telangana into Congress.

Bandla Ganesh has given shock to everyone as he joined Congress in the presence of its party chief Rahul Gandhi. He was the producer of Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s blockbuster Gabbar Singh. Everybody is aware of that Bandla Ganesh is a big fan of Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan but instead of joining Jana Sena, he joined Congress. On several occasion, Bandla Ganesh has said, “My god is Pawan Kalyan  and he plays  inspirational role in my career.” He is is eyeing to contest from Shadnagar assembly constituency.

Bandla Ganesh flew down to Delhi and met with the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who welcomed him into Congress party. On this occasion, Bandla Ganesh said that he has been an ardent admirer of the Congress party since his childhood.

 When the media asked Bandla Ganesh, Why did he not join Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party, Bandla Ganesh replied, “Pawan  Kalyan is my god and guru, but I joined the Congress because the grand old political party has been the witness to numerous sacrifices. I Love Congress.”

When he was asked what is he expecting from the Congress party, Banda Ganesh said, “I am not expecting anything from the party.”

TRS MLC Bhupathi Reddy also joined Congress in the presence of Rahul Gandhi.  According to him, he was insulted by the party and is deeply anguished by the way the TRS was running. Bhupathi Reddy added that he would work for the Congress with dedications.

Bandla Ganesh and Bhupathi Reddy were accompanied by Telangana Congress affairs in-charge RC Kuntia and PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy along with several other top leaders from Telangana.

In May 2017, Bhupathi Reddy’s son Snehith Reddy was arrested in a rape case along with 3 others in Hyderabad. On the otherside, Bandla Ganesh was in new headlines  for cheating financiers and distributor.