Raj Tarun is now bald

Raj Tarun is now bald

Raj Tarun and Riddhi Kumar visited Tirumala yesterday and the young actor Raj Tarun tonsured his head. Now he is bald.

Lover pair, Raj Tarun and Riddhi Kumar visited Tirumala hill shrine and offered the  prayers to Lord Venkateswara. Raj Tarun even shaved off his head for lord balaji. After darshan temple officials offered Laddu prasadam and holy water to them at Ranganayakula Mandapam. Not only Lover team but  the team of upcoming romantic and family entertainer film Srinivasa Kalyanam also visited  Tirumala. Nithiin, Dil Raju and director Satish Vegesna also had the darshan of Lord Balaji during the VIP Break. Though Raj Tarun tonsured his head in Tirumala but he was easily recognized by the his fans and media. As Riddhi Kumar was also with Raj Tharun, so people easily recognized that the person with tonsured head is none other than Raj Tarun.

 The sources ay that though Raj Taun was uncomfortable with media people but he became ready to give selfies with his fans. Riddhi Kumar played a Malayali nurse Charita in Lovers who grows up to be a selfless girl who goes to any extent to help people in distress.

Recently during the media interaction Riddhi Kumar said, “ I feel a debut in south is an ideal choice.I always wanted to work here. I observed that all those who didn’t have a film background have made their debut in South and then moved to Bollywood.” Riddhi Kumar is apparently good with her dialogues and emotional scenes but was not too sure about her body language. Lover directior Annish Krishna said her to calm down and helped her to be subtle, Say sources.

Raj Tarun and Riddhi Kumar’s Lover received mixed response at the box office and the collection rate is also below par.  Once again Raj Tarun’s film is turning out disaster at the box office.