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Ram Charan – A Dance Host

Ram Charan - A Dance Host
Ram Charan – A Dance Host

Upasana Kamineni Konidela, the Mega daughter in law, is currently busy in Urlife which talk about the health, nutrition, body and heal. Akkineni Bahu Samantha is the guest editor for the Urlife. URLife is   Ram Charan’ wife Upasana’ recently launched platform  which is designed to inspire the  people to live life to the fullest by providing access to  the authentic information from the  qualified experts to promote the healthy lifestyle. Now Upasana has come up with “Heal Ur Life Through Dance” concept- a digital dance contest for physically challenged people. According to the latest update, Mega Power Star Ram Charan, choreographer-filmmaker and actor Prabhudeva and choreographer, filmmaker Farah Khan will host a digital dance show.

Heal URlife through Dance, is for the specially abled men and women to promote the  mental well-being during these tough times.

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RRR star Ram Charan said, “We are facing very tough time currently. Educating everyone about mental wellness is necessary. In this fast paced life, many people often only concentrate on work and neglect their hobbies.  The show ‘Heal Urlife through Dance’ is a reminder to take good care of their health.

This digital dance show is for the Divyang men and women from rural areas to participate and showcase their dance skills.

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