Rate to watch RGV’s Climax fixed

Rate to watch RGV's Climax fixed
Rate to watch RGV’s Climax fixed

Ram Gopal Varma is one such man who hates to sit idle. In this lock down period, where every film makers is sitting idle with no choice left, waiting for lock down to get lifted, Ram Gopal Varma has readied two films. First from this list, Climax which stars adult star Mia Malkhova in lead role is up for release.

Though RGV is failing to attract audience from many years, he has this daring attitude and tinge to take up new challenges. He is now introducing pay per view model to Telugu audiences. His latest movie Climax which is up for release on June 6th will be available on ShreyasET app or we can log in to http://RGVWorld.in/ShreyasET.

Everyone can watch the movie by using pay per view which means one need to pay Rs. 100 to watch this movie online. Climax is a thriller genre film which takes place in the desert. Trailer of the movie has also raised expectations. Second trailer from the movie will be out on May 30th at 5 PM.

We have to wait and see how audience react to this new model. If it clicks well it is sure that many small movies will approach this new strategy.