Ravikiran denied sexual harassment allegations by Chinmayi

Ravikiran denied sexual harassment allegations by Chinmayi

Chinmayi Sripada, the singer and dubbing artist, has recently released the list of sexual predator on her social media site. The #MeToo movement is garnering headlines day-after-day with sexual harassment charges being made out on not just film personalities, including national award winning lyricist Vairamuthu, but also against classical musicians, journalists and TV personalities

Chinmayi wrote on Twitter, “South Indian Classical Dance and Music scene- B M Sundaram, Pappu Venugopal Rao, Sunil Kothari, Lokanatha Sarma, T N Seshagopalan, Sasikiran, Ravikiran.”Finally N RaviKiran has denied sexual harassment allegation by Chinmayi.

Chitravina N Ravikiran said, “While I stand for the rights and respects of every woman, especially those harasses, I can categorically state that I have never sexually harassed anyone.”

Chitravina N Ravikiran is a great singer, fabulous instrumentalist, a prolific composer and an avid blogger, who chooses to blog on every subject from inertia and integers to cricket. Creator of Melharmony and several ragas, a designer who fashioned his own instrument, head of several worthy projects, N Ravikiran has earned every award —State, national and International.

N Ravikiran is a socially involved Musician who has inspired substantial funds through his concerts for charities including Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami Relief, Chennai Floods as well as the health, educational and the cultural initiatives.

Recently in a shocking series of tweets, Chinmayi Sripada came out with a few names from the Carnatic music field, alleging sexual assault on their students. She said, “Stop assaulting young girls. The stench from the Carnatic Classical scene is worse than I imagined it.’”

The few women, who didn’t want to reveal their identity, also came forward and made sexual harassment allegations against television personality Ramesh Prabha, actor John Vijay and film dance master Kalyan.

Chinamyi’s tweets were also supported and retweeted by Samantha Akkineni and Varalakshmi. The playback Singer Chinmayi, herself has accused Vairmuthu of sexually abusing her.

Ravikiran denied sexual harassment allegations by Chinmayi