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Reason behind Anchor Ravi Elimination

Reason behind Anchor Ravi Elimination
Reason behind Anchor Ravi Elimination

Information that Ravi has been eliminated in Bigg Boss House. Ravi, who played the game in his own style for 12 weeks, is still in the safe zone in unofficial voting. Moreover, he got almost 10 per cent of the vote and was on equal with Shriram.

In fact this week Priyanka Singh, Siri and Kajal were all expected to be eliminated. Their names were heard everywhere where polling was seen. However, Ravi’s elimination from the Bigg Boss House came as a shock to Bigg Boss viewers. Ravi fans, do not believe it yet.

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However, what actually happened? Everyone is wondering why the Bigg Boss team did this. Ravi and Kajal are the only ones left as part of the elimination at Bigg Boss House. It is said that Sunny used the eviction free pass to secure Kajal and eliminate Ravi, but did not use the eviction free pass for Sunny, Kajal. Then how Ravi was eliminated.

What happened behind the scenes has now become interesting. In fact there is no doubt in the charm of the contestant that Ravi goes up to the top 5 in Bigg Boss House. But, everyone in the top 5 is becoming a male contestant. It is also doubtful whether the female contestants will be original.

However, if you look at the male contestants right here, Ravine is on the list. Doubts have also been raised as to whether Bigg Boss took any free hand and eliminated Ravi. Ravi’s fans were shocked to learn that Ravi had been eliminated. It’s very unfair in all the groups and they are debating whether the Bigg Boss show is going according to public voting or not.

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