Reason for Shivajyoti’s elimination from Bigg Boss

Reason for Shivajyoti's elimination from Bigg Boss
Reason for Shivajyoti’s elimination from Bigg Boss

Shivajyoti who entered as the first contestant in Bigg Boss Season 3 is the one who got eliminated last before the finals. Shivajyoti who is a well known name in Telangana with her witty style of news reading in the show called Teenmaar news has made many fans for her. Especially in rural areas, she has got enormous following. She has survived 93 days in bigg boss house and many thought that she will be in finals and even strong contender for bigg boss title win.

As she is a very good speaker and points out issues with more clarity and a very good player of tasks even if it is a physical one made her favourite. Then why did she got eliminated in the last but one week? Even, most of the housemates in Saturday episode stated that Shivajyoti is title favourite. Still she got evicted ahead of Ali who is low with confidence after re-entry.
By analyzing Shivajyoti’s journey only thing that stood between her and title is her constant habit of getting emotional. Be it a happy situation or sad, Shivajyoti’s reaction was with tears. At one stage audience got irritated and are waiting for Shivajyoti to enter into nominations so that they can evict them.
But Shivajyoti has been in nominations only four times in her 14 weeks journey. Out of which two times she got punishment from bigg boss and was nominated for two straight weeks. Her third time nominations there is weaker candidate in Vitika which helped Shivajyoti to escape.
But his time all the contestants are strong and her weeping habit hasn’t changed which made audience to not to vote her. Finally, Though a strong player, her emotional side has cost her bigg boss title. Now, with her elimination, Rahul, Baba Bhaskar, Srimukhi, Varun and Ali entered finals. It will be interesting to see, who will win bigg boss three title.