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Renu Desai in love: New man in her life

Renu Desai in love New man in her lifeRenu Desai, the ex- wife of Pawan Kalyan, has found love again.  


Earlier in interviews, Renu Desai, the ex-wife  of  Jana Sena Chief and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan has said, “My love was not only blind, but also deaf and dumb. I married a person whom I loved. I didn’t know about his first marriage, and when I came to know, I didn’t take it seriously as I loved him so much at that time. Some of my friends are also advising me to get married again but I can’t do it. I can love only one person in life.”

Recently Renu Desai also said, “Pawan  Kalyan is connected to my family only as a father to my kids and there is nothing beyond that.”   Currently Rebu Desai is living in Pune along with her children. Now it seems  Renu Desai has found love again in her life.  Today Renu  Desai has shared a pic on her Instagram and also wrote a  poem. Coming on the pic, which is posted by Renu Desai, features love holding hands. Her declaration of love in this poem is hinting the same.

Renu Desai’s poem:

I went looking for love in all the wrong places.
I thought, I will find it in poetry.
Sometimes in candlelight dinners, most of the time
in sugar coated false promises of forevers.
I wanted to find love in the most obvious;
rains, songs and long drives.
I thought I will find it hidden in a giant bouquet of hundred roses.
During this search I forgot that love is an experience. It’s an abstract noun
that has to be experienced,
not possessed.
I found love in moments and not in forevers, with you.
I found love in tiny meaningful gestures,
sincere words and honest actions.
You are like my spectacles, I experience joy, peace and kindness clearer now.
Hold on to my hand, to never let go, ever.
Yes, you do make me believe a li’ll bit in forevers… And yes, you make peace synonymous with love…

Renu Desai’s fans also sending congratulatory messages to her.

dileepreddyr8: Nice words. Hope you found someone who loves you sincerely and take care of you

indirasrinivas_gannamaneni: Congratulations I am happy for you  you had a great life ahead @renuudesai

gurushankar_yadav5220: Cngrts mam..

priyajonnalagadds: All the best renu garu…. Enjoy every moment with ur loved one..

Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan had an affair when they both met on the sets of Badri, which was one of the big hits in Pawan  Kalyan’s early career. For now, Pawan Kalyan is married to Anna.


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