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Renu Desai: Pawan Kalyan fans issue kill threats to her

Renu DesaiRenu Desai, the ex-wife of Jana Sena Chief and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan got engaged a few days ago in Pune.   Now she is receiving threatening messages from Pawan Kalyan’s fans. Renu Desai said, “ One person threatened to kill me if I marry again.”

Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renu Desai has officially confirmed her engagement news by sharing the engagement pics on social media sites- Twitter and Instagram, which went viral.  Renu Desai said, “ My fiance is not from film industry, he is a private person. I don’t want to speak much about him. Few days ago, we got engaged in Pune and we can’t wait to start our new life.” Renu Desai is receiving congratulatory messages from her followers and Pawan Kalyan fans. She also thanked to everyone via her twitter post. Renu Desai tweeted, “Thank you all my well wishers for the beautiful messages.”

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Not only congratulatory messages Renu Desai also received hate and death threat messages on her social media sites. Few fans of Pawan Kalyan are still not happy as Renu Desai is going to tie the knot with someone else. Renu Desai’s social media page was flooded with advice and threats, and she was forced to change the privacy settings of her Instagram page.

One Pawan Kalyan fan wrote on Renu Desai’s social media page, “Madam second marriage chesukokandi please. Single ga undi chala women life lead chesaru, meeru second marriage chesukoni bad avvakandi. Please, please second marriage cheskokandi, ala cheste meeku, bayatavallaki theda emundadu.

Another Pawan Kalyan fans wrote, “Meeru inko marriage cheskunte chala godavalu ithai idi pakka. So koncham alochinchi cheyandi. Please, mee valla na god ki problem ravadhu. Mee life mee ishtam but na god ki problem rakunda cheyyandi em chesin.”

Renu Desai said, “I am getting threatening messages. Some of the threats are extremely scary. One person threatened to kill me if I marry again.”

 Renu Desai further said, “I am confident that I have raised my son Akira Nandan in such a way that he will never speak to a woman this way. The people who are trolling need to be educated so that they are aware of what is and isn’t acceptable.”


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