Revanth Reddy: KCR cares more about his “dog” than people

Revanth Reddy
Revanth Reddy

Isn’t that strange if, a leader has more concern on his dog rather than his people? This is the question from Revanth Reddy to KCR right now. On digging to the details it was known that CM KCR’s dog in Pragathi Bhavan died recently which put the doctors under the legal trouble.

To elaborate this, an 11 months old Husky dog which is said to be a pet in the Pragathi Bhavan was unwell and recently it behaved in a strange manner to which government officials called a vet.

  Post examination, vet declared that the Husky dog has been suffering from fever with 101 degrees of temperature and has suggested to admit it immediately in the hospital. Later the dog was shifted to Animal Care Clinic in Banjara Hills. But, the immediate next the dog died in the clinic. On to this case has been filed on vet Dr. Ranjith and clinic operations Lakshmi, at the Banjara Hills police station under Section 429 and 11(4).

To this MP Revanth Reddy slammed the TRS government saying KCR government has more concern on the dog at Pragathi Bhavan rather than the people of Telangana. As, all over the state, the public is suffering from viral fever cases such as Dengue, Typhoid and cases are being raised in large numbers over the last few weeks, the government has been denying that and not taking any preventive measure, said Revanth Reddy.