RGV appears before CCS Police: After Asking 24 Qs, Police Seized Ram Gopal Varma’s Phone and Laptop

RGV appears before CCS Police: After Asking 24 Qs, Police Seized Ram Gopal Varma's Phone and LaptopOn Saturday Controversial film maker Ram Gopal Varma  appeared before Hyderabad Police in the connection with the case of obscenity booked against  the film maker  for his recently released web film ‘God, Sex and Truth’ in which American Porn actress Mia Malkova played the  lead role.

RGV appeared before the officials of Central Crime Station (CCS) in response to the notice served on him. Varma, who was expected to come around 1 pm, reached the station early around 12 noon along with his lawyer. A five-member police team questioned him. After grilling him  nearly 3 hours and 21 minutes, Central Crime Station Police has served notices to RGV under 41 Cr PC and he should be attending the questioning once again on Monday. If  RGV’s answer fails to impress the Officer on Monday, he is likely to get arrested.

The police officials questioned him about the allegations against him by women activists.  It is heard that   Varma was asked a total of 24 questions and police also seized his phone and laptop, and they will be sent  to forensic examination. According to the latest buzz, RGV failed to answer the questions of  Officials of CCS police.

Varma was  booked under sections 506 and 509 of Indian Penal Code for allegedly making personal comments against women activists during the debate on the movie on some television channels.

Women’s organizations in  Telugu States-  Andhra Pradesh and Telangana had staged protest last month, demanding a ban on the release of ‘God, Sex and Truth’on web. The activists alleged that filmmaker portrayed women as sex objects and promoted pornography.