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RGV: MAA people proved, they are actually a CIRCUS

RGV MAA people proved, they are actually a CIRCUS
RGV MAA people proved, they are actually a CIRCUS

Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV knows well how to stay in limelight.  This time he made a tweet on recently concluded MAA elections.  MAA- Movie Artiste Association elections this year drew more public attention than ever. The debates to interviews on the  media and intense campaign, the association polls created quite a noise in the Tollywood.  It is known that Manchu Vishnu, the son of Mohan Babu, defeated Prakash Raj in the MAA president elections and recently  the oath taking ceremony took place.

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 This time Ram Gopal Varma is on news headlines after his satirical statements on the recently held Movie Artists Association elections. After carefully watching the incidents taking place after the elections, RGV  compared the ‘Cine MAA’ as a circus. Satya helmer took to his Twitter and said, “Cine”MAA”people proved to the audience that they are actually a CIRCUS.”

RGV’ tweet created a buzz on social media and netizens are parted into two groups and  sharing their comments.  One of the netizen said: You can very well write the story #CiniMAA #Prakashraj Vs #ManchuVishnu #Circus and produce. You are good publicity manager and audience may like this too.

 Another netizen said: Cine’MAA’ is pure entertainment industry. Let public enjoy free of cost comedy, emotion and seriousness etc. I too believe the so called cine’MAA’ peddalu is just a word and not exist in reality. Looking forward more entertainment from cine’MAA’. Thank you RGV.  Another Twitter user said: Super  RGV gaaru… for the first time… I loved your statement…. Chetha naakodukulu… TFI ni road ni padesaaru… Going forward, people will certainly treat ‘em as Jokers… and whatever faltu it is… I heard many people saying that they feel like spitting on them…

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