RGV Open Challenge on Lakshmi’s NTR

RGV Open Challenge on Lakshmi's NTR

RGV aka Ram Gopal Varma has recently announced his next upcoming project Lakshmi’s NTR. He has already unveiled the first look poster which created lot of buzz. Now his project Lakshmi’s NTR has been launched officially in Tirupathi.

RGV also posted a video on his official YouTube channel and shared what he is going to show through this upcoming biopic Lakshmi’s NTR. He captioned the video, “My Open Challenge To NTR’s LaKshmi’s NTR.”

The director has released an open challenge video pertaining to the facts of the biopic after having darshan to Lord Balaji along with the wife of late NTR- YSRCP senior leader Lakshmi Parvati, today. They offered prayers to Lord Venkateswara Swamy.  RGV surprised everyone as he is known to be atheist. After the prayers, both RGV and Lakshmi Parvathi interacted with media and talked about biopic Lakshmi’s NTR.

While speaking to media Lakshmi Parvati has expressed happiness seeing the change in RGV and hoped that the biopic will get a justice. Lakshmi Parvathi said she was very happy that a movie was being made about the life of former Chief Minister NT Rama Rao. She also revealed that  she will campaign for YSRCP in the next elections.  Lakshmi Parvathi also made it clear that she has no intention of contesting in the forthcoming elections.

RGV has already announced that there is no political motive behind making this biopic Lakshmi’s NTR. The director has also revealed the situational factors associated with the biopic and his association with late NTR.

RGV also shared a pic of himself on Twitter and said, “This is what NTR did to me for the sake of #LakshmisNTR.” Coming on the pic, RGV is seen wearing pattu kanduva and with  a laddu in the hand