Rip to perverted Chota K Naidu: #RipChotaKNaidu and #BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI are trending

Rip to perverted Chota K Naidu: #RipChotaKNaidu and #BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI are trending

#RipChotaKNaidu and #BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI are trending on Twitter. We have already reported that cinematographer Chota K Naidu kissed Kajal Aggarwal at the teaser launch event of Kavacham. The event was a huge success, except this awkward moment, which made Kajal Aggarwal embarrassed. Kajal Agarwal also told “Chance Pe Dance”, as the actress tried to act normally after she was kissed by perverted Chota K Naidu. Now  Kajal Agarwal’s fans are trending a hashtag #BanChotaKNaidu and #RipChotaKNaidu. Few fans of Kajal Aggarwal requested to Chinmayi Sripada to raise her voice against this. Few comments by Kajal Aggarwal’s fans on twitter are as follows:

Kishan Kumar‏ @iamkishank: This is the worst thing happened today DOP of #Kavacham movie #ChotaKNaidu molesting Senior Actress @MsKajalAggarwal that too in public place,then think about Juniors Tollywood Industry & Audience plz raise voice against this #MeToo #StayStrongKajalAggarwal #BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI

pR‏ @Sathtweetz:#BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI this guy is such a pervert talking all the rubbish on public platforms and making women feel bad.

MAHESH ANE NENU  @_dasarabullodu: Use tag #RipChotaKNaidu

Bhagath99 @bhag: Pls show this to chinmayi mam kajal got harassed #RipChotaKNaidu

Bhagath99 @bhagath9: #RIPChotaKnaidu Touching top heroine thorax without her permission And kissed with lust in public Shame

Aaku VeNTRuka‏ @soooftie: Chota K Naidu gaadu drug case list lo Idi Peru kuda vundi anukunta … ila cheyadam picha lite #RipChotaKNaidu

Pavan Tarak‏ @Pavantarak143: #RipChotaKNaidu #RipChotaKNaidu

Kishan Kumar‏ @iamkishank: Yesterday a Superstar wholeheartedly invited actress of anywhere,to be a part of Tollywood Industry & Today this moron #ChotaKNaidu degrading the Tollywood Industry by molesting the Top Actress @MsKajalAggarwal Plz take action against these types of people #BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI

uknowwatimean‏ @iamforfun: Assal kaadu.. system system ani feel avthunnaru..But whatever it is she was very uncomfortable n said chance pe dance in sarcastic way only that way she can express on a stage instantly.. #BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI

meoww‏ @Divya_goud_: Yesterday I was happy for @alluarjun sir speech abt Upcoming Heroines at #Taxiwaala But few videos of #chotaknaidu are trending now seems there Is no secure for heriones in Our filmindustry even for seniors #CASTING #BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI #Chinmayi #AlluArjun #VijayDeverakonda