Rumors: Kohli opens up about tiff with Rohit Sharma

Kohli And Rohith Sharma
Kohli And Rohith Sharma

Post debacle in the World Cup semifinals, there were several speculations slammed the social media platforms. Everyone aired their views, few said Virat had ignored the Rohit’s opinion and few others spoke their mind as Rohit Sharma wants his decision to be the final. On whole rumors were that both the players not even meeting their eyes now. But, responding to this ongoing rumors, Indian captain Virat Kohli has refuted them for which Rohit told, “people feeding off lies”.

He further shared his feeling saying, people are being disrespectful to the player’s personal lives. “In my opinion, it is baffling. It’s absolutely ridiculous to read these kinds of stuff, that comes out there. I have been to public events where we have been praised and here we are feeding off lies, overlooking facts, turning a blind eye to all good things that happened and creating fantasies and scenarios in our head. We want to accept that this is the truth”. During the time when speculations were on the verge, Kohli’s wife Anushka’s tweet has added fuel to it, which was later deleted.

Kohli said he has been witnessing all these rumor stuff for too long now. Bringing the personal lives of players into the picture is disrespectful after all he is been playing the game for 11 years and Rohit is in it for 10 years (12 years) and it’s bizarre that people are creating this stuff from outside. On to the rumors which there is no unity in the team, Kohli firmly replied saying, if there is no camaraderie amongst the players, then they wouldn’t have played such a quality cricket which they till now. He further expressed how they enjoy the joking on each other in the dressing room.

On to Rohit, Captain said, “I have always praised Rohit whenever I have got an opportunity because I believe he is that good. I don’t know who is benefitting from all of this but we are living, breathing towards getting Indian cricket to the top, and here we get some kind of pleasure in bringing Indian cricket down,”