Saakshyam Vs Happy Wedding Vs RX 100 Collections

Saakshyam Vs Happy Wedding Vs RX 100 CollectionsRecently released Saakshyam and Happy Wedding failed to make an impact at the box office whereas RX 100 is continuing doing decent collections.

 Saakshyam Collections: Saakshyam Starring Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas and Pooja Hegde starrer, was released on 27th July 2018. On its opening day the movie received mixed response by the movie lovers and critics.  According to the traders report, Saakshyam has collected approx Rs 7.75 Cr shares at the box office of both Telugu States- Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The distributors have recovered 25 to 30 % of their investments.  Saakshyam earned $ 43K on Friday and 31K on Saturday whereas on Sunday, it  earned $ 9K at US box office.

Speaking at Saakshyam’s success meet last night, the director Sriwass and the producer Abhishek Nama urged audiences to appreciate and encourage their film so that it will give the boost to make more such innovative and different movies are made in future. One of the biggest assets of Saakshyam is the action sequences which have been designed on a terrific note.

Happy Wedding Collections : Happy wedding starring Sumanth Ashwin and Niharika Kinidela, arrived at the theaters on 28th July.  On its opening day,  the collection of Happy Wedding was below part but the movie showed limited growth on second day.   According to traders report, Happy Wedding has earned  Rs 45-48 Lakhs shares in 2 days at domestic box office.  Happy Wedding is all about the story of a girl a girl who is confused about the guy she has chosen in life is right or not.

Happy Wedding collected $ 12K on Friday and $ 13K on Saturday whereas on Sunday, the film earned approx $ 5K at US box office and is heading towards disaster.

RX 100 Collections: Ajay Bhupathi’s directorial venture, the latest sensation, RX 100 in which Karthikeya and Payal Rajput played the lead role,  is running successfully at the box office. The movie has already crossed Rs 10 Cr marks at the box office of both Telugu States. Even after many films releasing one after the other, the craze for RX 100 in the single screens is quite good.