Sai Pallavi under the domination of Naga Chaitanya?

Sai Pallavi under the domination of Naga Chaitanya?
Sai Pallavi under the domination of Naga Chaitanya?

Sekhar Kammula, a native of Telangana, had earlier helped Sai Pallavi for ‘Fidaa’ and will now be doing the same for Naga Chaitanya’s next upcoming film, which is tentatively titled Love Story. Recently Naga Chaitanya attended an interview and spoke about the Love Story of Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi.

Sekhar Kammula revealed that Naga Chaitanya will be the highlight of this upcoming romantic drama Love Story. Generally, whenever Fidaa and MCA girl Sai Pallavi is there in a film, she dominates the proceedings but in Love Story, Naga Chaitanya’s role is so adorable that will meet the audience hearts.

As Naga Chaitanya is romancing with Sai Pallavi, everyone is feeling that she will dominate Majili actor with her exceptional acting talent but this time it is not going to happen. According to Sekhar Kammula, Naga Chaitanya’s role will dominate Sai Pallavi in his directorial venture Love Story.

Sekhar Kammula said though Fidaa girl Sai Pallavi has exceptional acting talent, Naga Chaitanya who is playing the role of a youngster hailing from Telangana village will connect emotionally with the viewers.

Sekhar Kammula added, Naga Chaitanya is playing a village boy who moves to Hyderabad with dreams of making it big. There is nothing hero like about this character in Love story. He sweeps his house, washes his clothes, saves up the money in a kiddy bank and cries as he struggles to make something of himself. Sai Pallavi to is playing the role of a small town Telangana ammayi who moves to the city in search of better prospects

Sekhar Kammaula added that Naga Chaitanya has a pronounced Andhra slant when he speaks, so he worked very hard on getting the diction right.

According to the latest buzz in the film industry, this much-awaited movie of Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi starrer will be releasing on 2nd April 2, 2020. However, there hasn’t been any official announcement regarding the release date of this film.