Salman Khan gets death threat

Salman Khan
Salman Khan gets death threat

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been threatened with dire consequences in a social media post, written on the wall of Facebook of Student Organisation of Punjab University on 16th September. According to the police report, the threat, which carried a photo of Kick star Salman Khan with a red cross, was posted on Facebook by an account named Gary Shooter.

Gary Shooter warned Salman Khan that he could escape from Indian law but not from the law of Bishnoi community. The post read: “Salman, think, you can save yourself from Indian law, however, Vishnoi Samaj and Sopu Party has announced death sentence for you. You are an accused in Sopu’s court. Respect girls; Save animals; Avoid drugs & help poors; Sukha kahlon Garr.” Bishnoi community worships the blackbuck.

The police said that they are investigating the matter. Dharmendra Singh Yadav, the DCP of Jodhpur, said, “We have social media cell for this. If we get a special input then we will pro-actively neutralize that threat. We will also keep the security arrangements strong.”

Bollywood actor Salman Khan who is accused in 1998 blackbuck poaching case, is expected to appear before a court on Friday.

Salman Khan has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in the blackbuck killing case, but he is on bail.