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Selfish Kaushal Manda says, No energy to talk to fools

Selfish Kaushal Manda says, No energy to talk to foolsWhen everyone is talking about the Surgical Strikes taken up by Indian Air Force that killed nearly 350 terrorists inside Pakistan, Selfish Kaushal Manda is busy speaking for himself. He took to his Twitter and wrote, “If talking against me gives them the satisfaction, let them. I haven’t had the time neither have I got energy to talk to fools. I’m what I’m and I won’t be changing anytime soon #KaushalArmy.”

 Kaushal Manda also shared a video on his Facebook and wrote, “I understand that you people are upset with what has been happening since the past couple of days. The allegations passed are senseless and I don’t even have to prove them to be wrong. I haven’t got all the time for bullshit and if I keep answering to every judgement passed, the people will keep trying to bring me down. What I’m at the Big Boss house is what I’m and that would be me regardless of any circumstance. Just a few people talking against could never bring me down. I’ve been through a lot in the past and this compares to nothing. With time, everything would be cleared out. Just wait for the truth to be out before passing judgements.”

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Kaushal is the winner of Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2. The way he emerged as a star during the TV’s telecast is something that no one has ever imagined. It is known news that Kaushal Army played very important role to make him winner.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu title winner Kaushal Manda seems to be in deep trouble after a section of people from his Kaushal Army started to talk against him. The model and actor  Kaushal Manda is being accused of collecting money from his fans for his visits and stage appearances. Recently Imam, a member from Kaushal Army said, “Kaushal Manda is fraud and he loots the money from his fans. Kaushal Army sponsor him for his flight tickets and other shows.”

 Imam also said, “Kaushal Manda has not donated the title-winning amount to cancer patients as he promised during the finale. He is a fake person.”

According to few members of Kaushal Army, Kaushal uses the fans for money and he never really sheds money out of his pockets.” They also said that Kaushal Manda was planning to launch a political party with the money from supporters.

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