Seven Movie Review

Movie Review: Seven

Director: Nizar Shafi

Producer: Ramesh Varma

Banner: Kiran Studios

Starring: Havish, Regina Cassandra, Nandita Shwetha, Tridha Choudhury

Release Date: 6th June 2019

Rating: 2/5

Seven starring Havish, Nandita Sweta, Anisha Ambrose, Tridha Choudhury, Pujitha, Aditi Arya, Havish and Rahman, directed by Nizar Shafi, has hit the theaters today on 6th June 2019. Cinematographer Nizar Shafi is making his debut as a director with this movie. Let’s see the storyline.

Story: Ramya (Nandita) seeks the help of police (Rahman) when her husband Karthik (Havish) goes missing. But the police was shocked when they come to know that other lady has already registered a missing case on her husband six months ago. Other ladies also file the similar complaint. The police start the investigations and try to find out the truth about the whole happenings. Who is Karthik? What is the mystery surrounding this Karthik? Who is Krishna Murthy? To get these answers one should watch the movie on big screen.

Plus Points:

· Regina Cassandra

· Flashback

· Suspense

Minus Points:

· Illogical scenes

· Screenplay

Performance: There are six actresses in this film Seven. Among them Regina Cassandra, Nanditha Swetha, and Anisha Ambrose have given their best. Remaining female leads did okay. Havish is just ok. Rahman is good as the police officer.

Technical: The suspense-filled story is one of the major highlight of this film Seven. The twists and turns, how one girl’s story is linked to the other one keep the audiences engaging till the end. The background score too is loud and there is nothing special. The film has good production values and background score, picturisation, and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front. The cinematography is good while the editing is just ok.

Analysis: The weak screenplay, numerous logical loopholes and the lack of believability are the major drawback of Seven. The director Nizar Shafi tried to touch interesting elements like Mistaken identity, multiple personality disorder and doppelganger. Regina Cassandra’ character and her performance are the surprise package.