Shocking: AP Speaker says, “Koun Kiska Gottam Gallu”

ap speaker tammineni sitaram
ap speaker tammineni sitaram

It’s a known fact that a ‘Speaker’ is the head of the assembly and he holds an honorable position with special powers as to be neutral and super cool all the times while having debates or discussions between ruling and opposition parties and everywhere. But it looks like our AP speaker Tammineni Sitaram has lost his cool and uttered some unparliamentary lines.

On digging to the details it was known that the neutral judge/speaker Tammineni Sitaram lashed out the opposition TDP leaders saying “Koun Kiska Gottam Gallu”. He said this in anger on TDP MLA’s filing petitions on Gram Volunteers of Amadalavalasa. Sitaram told, “Don’t be afraid of TDP‘s Koun Kiska Gottam Gallu even if they file a petition against the recruitment of Village Volunteers. Please do your work”. He further assured that he would stand by them and not to fear of anyone.

As soon as he uttered these words he received a backfire as how a speaker responds to the opposition in such a rude way for which Tammineni supported himself saying, “I’m Amudalavalasa MLA first…Speaker next.” He further questioned the Opposition, “Who will resolve the problems of the people of my constituency?”

However, it has to wait and see how long Tammineni’s comments will drag him/YSRCP to have a tiff with opposition.