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Should producers make big-budget movies?


Should producers make big-budget movies
Should producers make big-budget movies

Tollywood is one industry that is running despite maximum losses. It is an industry that has only a 2-4 percent success rate. When it comes to big-budget flicks, the risk is even higher. But why did producers still tend to make big-budget movies and are after big heroes for their dates? There is an interesting scenario behind that. Let’s just find out what it is.

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Let us take big-budget movies are being made with a budget of around 70-80 crores. These days, it is the minimum amount for any star hero flick. Adding to it, Star heroes are taking a share in the profits producers make thereby pushing the total cost to around 100-120 crores. After the movie released, if it is a hit, share that movie collect will be around 80-90 crores. After adding digital rights, it might add up to 110-130 crores which means by spending a hundred crores, producers will get around only 5 – 10 crores as profits but that will end up in the pocket of distributors who lost by buying that producer’s last flick. Moreover, producing a star hero flick means working on that for over 8 – 9 months. With so much of hardwork and tension over a period of time that will be penny producers receives. If the movie fails, then crores of rupees are at stake and it is the producer who needs to compensate all the money involving parties.

Even they make these profits by producing a medium budget flick which involves less risk. Then why should big producers involve in such high budget flicks? Answer is very simple. They will be in limelight and they will get more buzz if they produce a big hero flick. Just to survive they need a star hero flick. By producing a star hero flick all their staff will have work for over 8 months which is very good for them. Hope the situation changes soon.

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