Siddhartha controversial tweet about Modi

Siddhartha controversial tweet about Modi

Siddhartha is being trolled on social media sites- twitter once again and this time because of his controversial tweet about Modi. Siddhartha mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that he has reduced Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to an election gimmick with the Statue of Unity.

 Siddhartha wrote on Twitter, “Arguably the most wasteful & disrespectful way to celebrate one of India’s greatest leaders will be unveiled today in #Gujarat. #SardarPatel has been reduced to an election gimmick by #BJP. #Sardar and our farmers deserve better! This is a statue of #Modi in disguise. Rs. 3000cr!”

 Few comments by netizens are as follows:

Shubrajit Dash‏ @shubrajit_dash: In such case, what a wasteful reason to make movies & acting/ singing whatsoever. Why not have that money spent on farmer welfare or at least free tickets to farmers? What say Mr. Less Actor more Politician?

Girish Amitabh‏ @girishamitabh:  Don’t waste money making your movies distribute it among the farmers

It’s me‏ @kachori_samosa: Guys who are giving gyan on Sardar statue where were you when Congress was doing scam par scam. Don’t give gyan on just Rs 3000 crore. For a nation like us , it’s not a big amount. Go to Shanti van , Rajaghat etc to make college , hospital.

KALPESH‏ @KALPESHM9: Save ur tweet mr Siddhartha… even I m taking screenshot of ur this tweetyapa…and mark my words…i Will prove u r really st*pid congi man…as per ur tweetyapa all the biggest monument of the world r “wasteful “…

Kiran ??‏ @airavatvolvo: Breaking news: tomorrow actor siddartha will protest in New Delhi to sell off the land were Nehru Gandhi samadhi is built and to give that fund earned from selling to farmers.

Kishore‏ @Patriot_Analyst: @Actor_Siddharth You have no politico-historical memory and the context in which this great man had to be re-introduced to Indians. For 70 years, only 1 family has been deified with monuments, airports, toilets, ports, bridges dedicated. This historical wrong had to be corrected

Kishore‏ @Patriot_Analyst: Nehru family usurped entire political legacy and goodwill of freedom movement and early founding of Indian republic; this historical injustice had to be corrected. @Actor_Siddhartha you are even talking about him bcos @narendramodi has re-introduced Patel to Indians

venkyTheBoss‏ @vankye: Looks like some political party is asking you to write such ridiculous tweets.

Manoj Borker B‏ @borker_b: I wasted money watching ur movies !!